Colourform, the debut album by Higher Intelligence Agency was written and produced by Bobby Bird in his attic bedsit studio in Moseley, Birmingham, with additional contributions by Steve Savale, Dave Wheels and Fosit Forsythe. Initially released  on Beyond Record in the U.K , it was subsequently released  on Waveform Records in the U.S.A .


” Inevitably there can only be one criteria for judging an album like ‘Colourform’, and that is whether it moves the listener into a state of bliss. Painstakingly constructed without sacrificing spontaneity or soft pedalling on their basic shuddering groove, ‘Colourform’ is always intelligent and undeniably high. Based on their finely honed live set, it builds from the bassy rumblings of ‘Delta’ and ‘Speedlearn’ upwards and onwards, slowly gathering pace until the double climax of  ‘Re Echo and ‘Ketamine Entity’.  That state of bliss is comfortably attained “  Benn Wilmot  NME


“Beyond Records’ Ambient Dub Compilations have provided us with some of the countries most innovative and exciting electronic dance music over the last couple of years, not least from the Higher Intelligence Agency whose ‘Speedlearn’ single caused more than a ripple in ambient/trance circles earlier this year. The said single, in all its minimalistic hypnodub glory, is included on this, their debut set, as is ‘Ketamine Entity’, the ridiculously catchy ascending bass riff and trippy echoed beat highlights the groups dub sensibility….the album is quite a low tempo affair which actually adds to its intensity, particularly on tracks such as ‘Influx’ and ‘Conoid Tone’  which contain sounds that remind me of the Future Sound Of London. However HIA’s identity is firmly maintained through their liberal use of spiraling 303 style sequences. A brave and bright debut. Tony Corbin – Echoes


“Relaxing, beautiful, thought-provoking sounds that I have only ever heard from HIA ..
music is not usually synasthaenic for me, but the opening track sounds like large, brightly coloured lozenges emerging from a darker, coruscating background… Colourform is for me a perfect title to this timeless music – thanks HIA”. (Customer review)

 Track listing

  1. “Delta” (Bird/Forsythe/Wheels/Savale) 6:19
  2. “Speedlearn”  (Bird/Savale) (+ vocals by Magda) 7:38
  3. “Influx”  (Bird/ Savale/Wheels) 6:22
  4. “Spectral” (Bird/Savale)  7:01
  5. “Conoid Tone”   (Bird/Savale) 5:52
  6. “Orange”  (Bird/ Savale/Wheels) 9:12
  7. “M+T=E”  (Bird/ Savale/Wheels) 1:22
  8. “Re-echo”  (Bird/Wheels) 6:01
  9. “Ketamine Entity”  9:27 (Bird/Savale)