Written and produced by Bobby Bird, with additional contributions on individual tracks by Dave Wheels, Fosit Forsythe and Stef Pierlejewski. The second album by Higher Intelligence Agency, released on Beyond in the U.K and Waveform in the U.S.A.


“Hermetic it may be, but ‘Freefloater’ is superb. The Birmingham duo have evidently spent the last 12 months with their heads jacked deep into their machines, gaining complete empathy with the gear. Chattering rythm boxes are swathed in modal, dubby synths, whats lacking in darkness and danger is compensted for in wit, intelligence and slink. All action remains patterned on the surface, so theres little more to say other than its a deeply satisfying listen”. The Wire


” The new release from Birmingham’s ambient dub-meisters carries on from last years hugely popular Colourform, an album that twisted heads in chill-out rooms throughout Europe and the States. The band describe what they do as ‘low tempo blip- hop’, a tag that captures the vibe of the music in which the space in between is just as important as the notes. In a perfect world this is what NASA would play to space shuttle crews in orbit. Also quite good for doing the housework”.  Hari Kunzru – Wired


“One of the finest examples of ambient electro released to date, Freefloater manages to be at once complex and accessible, laying melodic hooks over funky, often syncopated rhythm patterns and austere bass figures. Warm and detailed, it’s easily HIA’s best work”. Sean Cooper (All Music)


“Its been quite a wait since ‘Colourform’ and the ambient dub explosion. At the time, HIA were at the forefront of a new electronica that sounded streets ahead of the happy house and rave anthems that abounded. Now, with the release of ‘Freefloater’ HIA are firmly established as clear leaders in their field. This album has a coherence and serenity that surpasses all comers, and a maturity and understanding of its craft that is second to none. Ten instrumental pieces that slowly seduce without a fuss, music that allows you space to give full reign to the imagination, clear of clutter and natural as day and night. Electronica as freeflowing natural music. No harshness, no teeth grinding nightmarish visions, just stripped down flowing soundscapes. Open yourself to the pure pulses and vibrations of HIA”. Fly by Night (Planet)

Track listing

1. Elapse (Bird) 6.47
2. Hubble (Bird/Wheels) 6.51
3. Fleagle (Bird/Wheels) 7.59
4. Thirteen (Bird) 6.17
5. Skank (Bird/Pierlejewski/Wheels/Forsythe) 9.35
6. Tortoise (Bird/Forsythe) 7.15
7. Ting (Bird) 7.06
8. Pinkgreen (Bird) 7.48
9. U.H.I. (Bird) 0.30
10. Taz (Bird/Wheels) 9.36