System Error – Nothing

Everything sourced from nothing by Bobby Bird and Brian Duffy.
Images scanned from nowhere by Zero Design.

“The album is called ‘nothing’, because that’s essentially what it was derived from. We wanted to reveal the hidden voice of sampling technology and play the samplers rather than the samples. Using no input signals at all, we just sampled nothing and looked really closely at it. We used every glitch and software fault and tried to listen to what the machines had to say.”

What it revealed was surprisingly warm and organic, not what you would expect from what is basically the random electron movement of the circuitry’s normally inaudible background noise.

From warm tones moving in impossible ways, to ice cold glacial soundscapes, ‘Nothing’ is an evocative, hypnotic and sensual trip into the heart of the machine.

“Micro fans take note : this album was recorded using nothing but the introduced noise of samplers sampling silence. If you like Monolake or Basic Channel this album is definitely for you”. (emusic)